Principal Message

We at Greenwich Academy - The School are delighted that you are taking the time to learn about the rich holistic education that is experienced by our students and which makes our school special.

Greenwich Academy - The School, opened on a small green site in 2011 with 20 children and 5 teachers. We now have over 475 children and 30 teachers. From our small beginnings we have grown into a thriving, enthusiastic school community. Within a span of 4 years we have got the CBSE affiliation – A Great Achievement indeed with a feather in a cap. “To Be the Best that you can Be” has been our guiding principle since we opened.

In Greenwich Academy - The School, we aim to create a school where all children are valued and respected; a welcoming, happy, caring, secure and challenging environment in which every child is able to develop to his or her full potential; a place where all children are taught how to think rather than what to think; an environment where children can ask questions and answers freely, and to create a school that celebrates and cherishes diversity. We aim to create a centre of excellence in education with high academic standards, high expectations, whilst fostering the emotional intelligences and talents of children.

In Greenwich Academy - The School, a sense of wonder and awe in the goodness, beauty and love of God is fostered in our children. One of our school rules is “Expect respect in all you do, treat others as you would wish them to treat you.”

The Greenwich Academy - The School is proud of its achievements over the years. It continues to provide quality education for our nation’s children. We have recognised that our children are the future men and women of tomorrow and thus our mission is to shape the lives of all our students in such a manner that they will become great citizens of this country that we love. No child should be left behind. Consequently, our students’ achievements are of paramount importance to us.

The development of self-confidence and respect for self and others is promoted on a daily basis. A good value system in the maintenance of very high morals is an essential ingredient for healthy lifestyle. Our students have much potential which must be cultivated and developed. As professionals, we have high expectations and we work systematically to ensure that our objectives are achieved.

We are very fortunate in having a talented, highly skilled experienced and hard-working staff. Along with offering all the curricular subjects, children get a chance to participate in many extra-curricular activities. This year we have introduced two new hobby classes, Dance and Skating, apart from Football, Cricket, karate and Basketball. In clubs we have introduced Music and Drama apart from Literary, Eco and Art and Craft. We have also introduced Work Education like stitching, candle making, cooking without fire and fabric painting as part of our co – scholastic activities.

“Reading is to mind what exercise is to body”. Keeping this in mind, I have introduced NIE - Hindu this year. Using the newspaper bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world living, helps foster global awareness and understanding of local issues, creates informed citizens, offers examples of conflict and resolution and fosters reading, thinking and writing skills.

In addition, using newspapers in class can encourage positive student attitudes toward reading, motivate students to talk with their peers and parents about what they read and help students learn how to solve real-life problems.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford. Parents, without you, there will be no children to teach. We therefore, acknowledge the vital role you have played at the school. You are always there to encourage and support the staff. You are great parents and we do appreciate you wholeheartedly.

I would like to take this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to the well-wishers of Greenwich Academy - The School. Your cooperation and contribution have helped us significantly in our endeavours. This partnership has contributed to our success.

As School Principal I am tremendously proud of the efforts and achievements of all at Greenwich Academy - The School, including students, staff, secretary and caretaker. It is the enthusiasm and dedication to high standards in all aspects of school life that makes our school such a vibrant and energetic place to be.

Rajashree Imandi

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