GA TOTS Profile

The GA TOTS is a play school that sees your child as he really is, and develop his potential, be it spiritual, emotional, physical or intellectual.

The years of early childhood demand of a child, feats he may never again equal – the learns to walk, to talk, he develops a conscience, memory, and gains knowledge through his own experiences. The actualization of his intelligence, his sensorial skills, his finer movements, his language, his mathematical ability , his coordination, his social skills, all these foundations are laid in the early years of life.

The GA TOTS creates a child-sized world, incorporating the outside in an attractive yet seamless way, so that children can easily understand it and choose their own journey through it. The environment respects and protects the child’s Rhythm of life. The child develops concentration, self-discipline, independence, respect for others and his environment - skills that will serve him for a lifetime.

Carefully designed materials and activities stimulate independent exploration. The child progresses at his own pace within an individualized learning framework, moving from simple activities to more complex ones. He strives to achieve perfection. Through this process his curiosity is satisfied and he begins to experience the explosive thrill of discovering the world around him. An environment specially prepared to meet their developmental needs at the right time.

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