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Student Council

A group of young leaders in a school, who are selected through a voting process. These students display various qualities such as a competitive spirit, strong leadership skills, and the ability to be role models for their peers. Members of the student council are actively involved in maintaining school discipline and promoting a positive atmosphere in the school community. They work closely with teachers, administrators, and other students to address issues, organize events, and initiate positive changes.

By taking on responsibilities within the student council, these young leaders gain invaluable experiences in decision-making, problem-solving, and teamwork. We strongly believe that student council members are instrumental in shaping the school's culture and fostering a sense of community. Their confident and responsible demeanour, accompanied by their passion for leadership, serves as an inspiration for other students.

Student Council 2023-24

Student Name Grade Designation
Abdul Malik Ansari X Head Boy
Syeda Kubra X Head Girl
Abdul Aziz Mohammed IX Deputy Head Boy
Mariya Fatima IX Deputy Head Girl
Shaik Mohammed Aiyman X Sports Captain (BOY)
Javeriya Amtul Waheed X Sports Captain (GIRL)
Mohd Rayyan Ali Khan X Discipline Captain (BOY)
Maheen Saleem X Discipline Captain (GIRL)
Mujhtaba Abubaker IX Deputy Sports Captain (BOY)
Mairah Begum IX Deputy Sports Captain (GIRL)
Ratnesh Kirankumar Myle IX Deputy Discipline Captain (BOY)
Shaikha Shaima Zubadi IX Deputy Discipline Captain (GIRL)
Mohd Ibrahim Anas X APJ Kalam Captain (BOY)
Sidra Kounain X APJ Kalam Captain (GIRL)
Shaik Omer IX APJ Kalam Vice Captain (BOY)
Khansa Mateen IX APJ Kalam Vice Captain (GIRL)
Abdul Rahman Karama X CV Raman Captain (BOY)
Sanobar Ahmed X CV Raman Captain (GIRL)
Mohammed Abdul Aziz Meeran IX CV Raman Vice Captain (BOY)
Amtul Muqeet Omama IX CV Raman Vice Captain (GIRL)
Ansar Uddin Khan X J.C Bose Captain (BOY)
Aayesha Khanum Mohammed Abdul Bari Khan X J.C Bose Captain (GIRL)
Mohammed Areez Ahmed Khan IX J.C Bose Vice Captain (BOY)
Sana Tabassum IX J.C Bose Vice Captain (GIRL)
Mohd Abdul Rahman X S. Ramanujan Captain (BOY)
Aroush Khaleel X S. Ramanujan Captain (GIRL)
Suleman Abdul Malik IX S. Ramanujan Vice Captain (BOY)
Shefa Banu IX S. Ramanujan Vice Captain (GIRL)
Student Name Grade Designation
Faizan Ur Rahman X Literary Club Captain
Afhseen Mustafa Ali X Math Club Captain
Syed Kaif Uddin X Science Club Captain
Sumaiya Fatima X Social SEVA Club Captain